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Mahoyo, in English, in the actual game

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So it seems some enterprising Russian chap by the handle of “pin201” has stuck my translation through the game script and produced the actual game. With my translation in it! Kudos pin201! You can find the download here, just Ctrl+F for “Part-1”. Alternatively, you can go direct to the downloads: here, here, and here. Again, major props to pin201 for this.


There was a mansion that rested on top of a hill…

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After much postponing and delay on my part, here it finally is, the Mahōtsukai no Yoru demo translation!

mahoyodemo_trans (This is the PDF version, purely for reading)

mahoyodemo_trans (This is the text version, for anyone who wants to use it in a patch or something. Credit is all I ask!)

As I said on a few comments, the delays were largely my fault. Christmas vacation, which was supposed to be my time to work on this, became board game time with the family, and Memoir ’44 is so hard to put down. Also, I got KoF XIII and it is a really good fighting game; let’s just leave it at that.

The translation process had an unexpected level difficulty. As I’m sure most of you have learned by now, the demo is not actually one contiguous portion of the story, but a bunch of chapters in random points in the story, which may or may not even be in order of chronology. A lot of characters were referring to previous events that had already taken place (which means I have no context with which to refer to), and there were a few places here and there that I suspect were trying to explain context, but were obviously crowbarred in there to let the demo reader not totally be in the dark, but in practice ended up being a completely awkward digressionary flashback (the scene with Sōjūrō remembering the classroom lecture, as well as the scene where Sōjūrō meets with Kumari comes to mind). Oh well, pretty sure it’ll not be there in the actual game come April anyway.

As for scenes where I had to mostly guess context, these were few and far between, but enough for me to say the caveat that some of the phrasing of these scenes will obviously change once the actual game shows up and I have a complete story to work with. Again, any criticism and pointing out of mistakes is welcome, no matter how red in the face it makes me. I’m still learning this language same as anyone, and I’d be glad to share notes with anyone else who has a different idea of how to translate any particular scene.

Alright, back to Mansions of Madness with me…

EDIT: Made some changes to a paragraph that I read immensely incorrectly (see comments below). This is one of those “red in the face” moments I mentioned earlier. It is totally fine though! I am very welcoming of any critique or correction that anyone throws at me, whether its stylistic, in translation, or otherwise. It’s not like I’m going to react by sitting slumped in a chair, flicking a lighter on and off, and wondering where it all went wrong, or something.