Mahoyo, in English, in the actual game

So it seems some enterprising Russian chap by the handle of “pin201” has stuck my translation through the game script and produced the actual game. With my translation in it! Kudos pin201! You can find the download here, just Ctrl+F for “Part-1”. Alternatively, you can go direct to the downloads: here, here, and here. Again, major props to pin201 for this.

59 Responses to “Mahoyo, in English, in the actual game”

  1. GateOfSteins Says:

    Bummer, I’m getting a 404 error on the download links >.>

  2. I can’t download ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Can anyone upload new links?

  3. Well, you can get it via nyatorrents, too.

  4. And yes, cokesakto, big thanks for your hard work! At first KnK, and now Mahoyo, you’re amazing!

  5. Very excited, I was holding off until I could enjoy the translation in-game. I’m very grateful to both you and pin201!

  6. dreamingdaze Says:

    Oh, thanks so much! I just got it to work and I cannot describe how amazingly happy I am right now. Thank you for a fantastic translation ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Brilliant job like KnK. Currently, playing and enjoying.

  8. Hi! Thanks for your translations of KnK and the demo of Mahoyo!
    I want to ask you if you intend to translate the “Red Dragon” sessions:
    There are a lot of talented writers and all… so please! Tell us if you’re interested in this!

  9. Thank you so much for this, you have given many people great joy! Wonderful to finally see the young Aoko โค

  10. nggakboleh Says:

    Thank you very much for the translations!

  11. Are you planning on working on the full game? Will it be a solo project, or will you find some people to work with?

    • Yep, I’ll be working on the full game. I don’t know if there will be people interested in taking my translation and putting it in the actual game, but for sure I will have an editor this time around. With such a massive body of text, I am bound to make some mistakes.

  12. dirtyharry Says:

    This is kinda off-topic but I’m just curious, you see. Are you hailed from Indonesia by any chance?

  13. Dohohohoho Says:

    Thanks for translating the demo. Perhaps my expectations have gotten low after going through so many basic translations, but I was very pleasantly surprised at the level of translation in this one. I’m glad you’ll be doing the full game also. I’m looking forward to it.

  14. kinunatzs Says:

    mediafire linkz pls

  15. kidlat020 Says:

    coke sakto ampf! sorry I prefer mountain dew XD

    so meron rin palang mga pinoy dito sa VNs. Hingi ka kaya ng tulong sa game hacking sa TLwiki?

    • Pwede rin, pero pang lipas oras ko lang naman to e. Sineseryoso ko ang translation, pero pag may nasalihan kasi ako na team may deadline na kasama diyan e, and ayaw ko ma-time pressure sa something na ginagawa ko lang for fun.

  16. CrimsonMoonMist Says:

    I’ve been losing out on Mahoyo news for a while after the demo was announced. Glad to see you where the one to translate it,
    and so fast. Some may not like your way of localizing TM stories rather than straight out translate them because they feel it ruins the Nasu feel of it, but I throughoutly enjoyed KnK because it just flowed so well.

  17. MoonRunes Says:

    It would be nice if you could maintain some of Nasu’s writing style throughout your translations and not divert too much from the original material.

  18. Salamat po! i hope u translate the entire game as well
    when it comes out!!! again tnx 4 this!! :DD

  19. I’m so glad to see someone translating this. I hope you’ll be able to translate the entire game. Have you ever thought of contacting someone from Mirror Moon or TLWiki to put your translations in the game when the full version comes out? You should just try contacting some programmers from those sites and see if you can put together a group. I mean, this is a Type-Moon visual novel, there’s gotta be people willing to work on this.

  20. Also, for anyone that want’s to download this as a torrent:

    My average download speed was 1.1MB/s. Very fast.

  21. Salamat po sa translation! Amazed to find a filipino translating one of my most awaited visual novels ^_^

  22. Ammm……
    sorry, but I had to download it already…..
    but I can’t play it.
    ’cause when I opened it, it only a white screen.

  23. GrowingOtaku Says:

    So far enjoyed it and would love to read the rest if possible. Just one problem for me: Everyone else had trouble downloading everything, but my issue was the translations not working for me. Maybe It was because I have 64 bit since I can’t think of anything else. So just read the script.

  24. […] Subbed Demo: Torrent | DDL: Part 1, 2 & 3ย [Cokesakto (translation) & pin201 (demo […]

  25. Thank you so much for translating this!
    *eagerly awaits download completion*

  26. Hey thanks alot for the demo translation, are you gonna do a translation for the game when it’s released on 04/12/2012? I just wanted to know so that I could pre-order the game.

    • Indeed. However, seeing as we don’t know how much text is in the game, I can’t really say when the translation will be ready, but don’t bank on it being anytime soon.

      • “but donโ€™t bank on it being anytime soon.”

        Yes, of course the game is going to have a huge amount of text, that much we can be certain of and obviously just the translation alone will take alot of time.

  27. chipp12 Says:

    Hey cokesakto! Sorry for bothering you again but what are your plans about Red Dragon? You haven’t answered yet and the first session is almost over…

    I don’t think that I can read this with google translate and my japanese skills are poor but I don’t know other people who could be interested in translating this.

    • As I said, if I have free time, I’ll probably do it on a lark. However, seeing as I am very preoccupied these days, it may be a while, especially since Mahoyo is coming out.

  28. Fuck RedDragon.

    Mahoyo is out.

  29. Game is apparently 8 hours long, so.

  30. Just finished the demo which was really good, thanks a lot for the translation.
    But now, arrrhh … can’t wait to play the full game !

  31. Mahoyo is awesome!
    Dear Cokesakto, please take a look, many TMfans are hoping that you’ll make a translation (as quick as possible, instead of beast’s lair ๐Ÿ™‚
    please please please you will awesome too

  32. You’re planning to do Mahoyo too, right?
    If I may suggest, I think it’s best to release a chapter by chapter translation (should you ever start soon). I think Mahoyo is divided like that. That way you can also take breaks. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Good luck po at maraming salamat!
    I am eagerly anticipating your releases.

  33. Dimorphic Says:

    I’d love you forever if you could get a full patch out for this game some day. The aforementioned chapter by chapter approach would be interesting, if the wait in between wouldn’t be too long.

    In any case, thanks for the translation thus far!

  34. Thank you for this immensely

  35. galing mo idol! translate mo ung full version ha! ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. acetatsujin Says:

    Looking forward to your translation on the full game. Keep us update and … don’t make us wait very long! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you.

  37. i love you, dude! and props to that russian guy too!

    are you going to translate the whole game?

    • Zach and dave, he already said that he was going to translate the game, what he doesn’t know is when it will be done. From what people said the gameWitch on a Holy Night takes 8 hours to beat and there is only one route so it wasn’t long like your usual Visual Novel (40 to 50 hours), so there is less to translate.

  38. Maybe we can get the entire game translated?

  39. Hiya !
    Basically I was wondering where you were getting with the translation of Mahoyo. Earlier you said you’d continue the work even if Commie was doing it, right ? I didn’t read your Kara no Kyoukai translation but what I heard about it was enthusiastic. Looking at how poor the english Fate/Zero version is, I think many people would be glad to have a well-written, intelligent translation of Mahoyo, even if it doesn’t follow Nasu’s style to the letter.

    Gambare~ !

    • Not gonna lie here, I’ve slowed way down on translating, largely due to a bunch of real-life concerns. I am getting a bit frustrated at it myself, because every time I think I might have some time to translate, something comes up that I have to take care of right away, and it ends up impacting my time days afterward. Translation wise, I’m a bit behind on where Commie are at now. Don’t worry though. Even if like zero dudes are interested in seeing my take on a Mahoyo translation, it’ll still come out one way or another. I’m committed to that at least.

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