A blog where I pile my translations all in one place. This first served as a place to put my Kara no Kyōkai translation. Hopefully, there will be more in the future.


7 Responses to “About”

  1. Pedro Montoto Says:

    I leave this comment here because I haven’t found another way to contact you. I offer you my limited skills (I am not a native English speaker, and my Japanese is still at a beginner level), so if you need some help with Mahoyo, tell me. I think the only field I can help you in is computer things, but anyway, good luck and keep it up.

    • Thanks, and I appreciate the offer, but I think I have a few friends who are willing to do this for me. They can take care of all the fiddly programming things, but really, right now, I’d be happy and content with just a translation of the story text. This is just the demo after all, and I’m probably going to reserve going all out with rejiggering the game and making a patch for the full game.

  2. mahal kita cokesakto sa pagtranslate mo sa Mahoyo.

  3. eto >_< can u do translate on "Another" novel?

  4. Hello there fellow blogger, and dare I say, fellow Type-Moon fan?
    I’ve come to you with a small inquiry, you see I’m in the process of translating Mahotsukai no yoru myself, but only to pen and paper, since I’ve got no knowledge of how to actually manipulate the text on the novel itself.
    I am, however, more than interested in doing so, and have made myself with a programmer. Still, he has never worked on a project such as this and needs a bit of guidance.
    I understand by one of your comments above that you are not in charge of these tasks either, yet perhaps you could point me in a direction as to where to find a summary of the process, or introduce me to one of your programmers so I can consult with him, I promise not to take much of your time since I’m eagerly awaiting for your translation as well.
    I also mean you no competition, since I’m not translating the novel to English, but to Spanish, my native language.
    I believe you should be able to send me a private message having my WordPress user name, if not, then I’ll be following this message in case you decide to answer this way, if it pleases you.

  5. Cokesakto, I’m moved that a fellow Filipino is dedicating time and effort in this endeavor, especially for Mahou! I’m a big big fan of Type-Moon but cannot understand written Japanese that well. So for someone to break a sweat to bring this awesome translated game to our computers- you’re just too awesome! I can’t wait! Saludo kami, kabayan! 😀

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